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ON THE GO!--Day5

1. Interact in small groups with peers.
2. Identify and name a type of transportation by looking at a picture.
3. Use manipulative letters to spell the names of the pictures located in a bottle.
4. Play a BINGO transportation game by listening to and looking at picture cards as they are named orally.

Ship in a bottle, small see -through plastic containers with screw on lids, plastic alphabet letters (with or without magnets), transportation pictures covered with tape, identification labels, On the Go Bingo game, markers, individual boards.

Show the students a model of a "ship in a bottle". Discuss how they think it got in there. Generate discussion with the whole group.

Show the students and model how to play "Transportation in a Bottle".
*Each plastic jar has a lid that unscrews. A label, prepared ahead of time and printed off, is attached to the jar, along with a photo from an image file of different kinds of transportation.
Helicopter Jeep Blimp Bus Boat Car
Truck Raft Airplane Train Motorcycle Bicycle

*Students need to unscrew one jar at a time and take out the plastic alphabet letters located inside. (These letters spell the label on the front.)
* They need to look at the photograph on the jar and the label and use the alphabet letters to spell the word.
* Once they have the letters in the correct sequence, their partner can check it for accuracy and put the letters back in the jar and replace the lid.
* Jars are passed on, with the teacher circulating with extra jars as needed.


Students will gather for a large group game review--BINGO. They will share On the Go Bingo boards and markers. As the cards are drawn and named one at a time, they will search their boards for that form of transportation. If they have it, they will cover the picture with a marker.

Students will be observed as they play both games. In the bingo game, they will also have to correctly identify the pictures orally in order to win.

Supplemental Activities:
A wide variety of books, cassettes, games, word cards and songs to use independently in the classroom.

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