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1. Teach children the words to the song called "Down by the Station". (Optional sound clip here).

2. Listen to Trains, read orally by the teacher.

3. Recall the different kinds of trains from the story to contribute to the group story mapping on the flannel board.

4. Learn the words to "Clickety Clack", a Hap Palmer record, to recognize different train cars carry different items.  (From the album "Witche's Brew").

5. Watch a multimedia film clip about how trains work and the role of the conductor.

6. Trace numbers on dotted lines on each train car (ditto).

7. Color, cut and glue train cars in sequential order.

Trains by Gail Gibbons, train whistle, conductor's hat, large chart paper, magazine pictures, train sections cards, ditto of train cars with numbers, manila drawing paper, glue, scissors and crayons.

Act out and sing "Down by the Station". Discuss today's topic: Trains. Use pictures on the flannel board as you discuss.


*Orally read Trains, by Gail Gibbons, wearing a striped conductor's hat and blowing an authentic sounding wooden train whistle (in appropriate places).
*Students will orally recall kinds of train to add to the story map on the flannel board (chart paper and markers). Possible answers: Steam engines, passenger trains, diesel engines, electric trains, freight trains, etc...
*Using the Hap Palmer record, Clickety Clack, sing and place pictures in each cab of the train on the flannel board of the items the train carries.
*Children will take a pretend trip with a conductor by viewing a multimedia film clip of a real train.  Use the video clips to discuss with the children what it would be like to ride on a real train.  Several different perspectives are shown.

Clip1-Train station

 Clip2-Pulling out


 Clip4-Inside train

 Clip5-Inside tunnel

 Clip6-Over bridge

*At the work tables, children will count the sections of the train (10) and look at the ditto "Trains Help Us Travel". They will trace the numbers with a pencil on each train car. They will draw themselves as the train conductor and color.
*Each train car needs to be cut on the straight black lines and numerically sequenced onto a long strip of paper. Glue each car into place from #1 to #10.

Completed papers in correct numerical order.

Supplemental Activities:
*Play Ways to Go activity puzzles, individually or small group.
*Play a train file folder game: Tootle Trail Game, small group.

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