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1.  Correctly identify by name, the type of transportation described by  viewing pictures.

2.  Listen to oral clues about the type of transportation and visually sort and name the appropriate answer.

3.  Sort pictures by categories:  Air/ Land/ Water.

4.  Color, cut and glue pictures to a scenery they've created.

Pictures of different forms of transportation, clue cards, cassette tape/record, cassette player, record player, ditto of different kinds of transportation, 12x18 drawing paper, crayons, glue.

Set: Children are seated for group instruction on the carpet.
Place cut-out of a detective character on the flannel board and use a large magnifying class to see the group in front of you better.  Explain that you're going to let them help you solve some problems by reading a clue card about a way to travel.  Their job is to help locate and identify by name the picture card on the board that matches the clue.

*All pictures are up on the flannel board for everyone to view.  Choose a clue card and let the detective pretend to read the card with the magnifying glass.  For example:  I have 4 wheels, can fit in a garage at your house, and can carry a load of firewood in my bed.  Who am I?
*Continue reading and solving the clues on the cards until all are guessed correctly  by calling on raised hands.

Students will go to the worktables to sort their own set of pictures on a ditto into the three categories discussed above.  Pictures need to be colored, cut out and glued to a 12x18 sheet of drawing paper in the correct location (in the air, in the water, on the land).

Supplemental Activities:
Work individually with a Power Point  Matching activity.  Students will work individually correlating modes of transportation to air, land and water.

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