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Mon. - 4/23 Tues. - 4/24 Wed. - 4/25 Thurs. - 4/26 Fri. - 4/27 IGO's

     SW form an outline for a story. STORY THEME=SURVIVAL.   Outline provided.  Brainstorm ideas, prewrite, COLLECT.  Story may take place anywhere, not just in moun-tains, (beach, desert, ocean, island, or surviving accident, hard time in life, etc.)  May start rough draft.      SW create a rough draft of their story.  Next, have peers edit.  Collect rough drafts to edit & hand back tomorrow.  May decide on title today, title must have some form of the word "survive" in it. (survivual, survived, etc.)  go over different forms with class.        SW refine rough draft and start typing final draft on the computer.              
     Students who aren't typing on computer will still be working on their drafts.  If finished with drafts, they may start on their covers.
     SW refine rough drafts and continue typing final drafts on computer.
     Students finished with typing may start on their covers.
     Students done with all activities may work on a puzzle.
     SW complete book.  Book will have appropriate puctuation, capitalization and grammar. Everything must be ready to  be laminated. 
     Those finished with book may work on enrichment activities.
5.52, 5.55, 5.57, 5.58, 5.60, 5.62, 5.94, 5.96, 5.105

      SW demonstrate proper oral and listening skills while reading pages  90-110  from My Side Of The Mountain.
      SW demonstrate proper oral and listening skills while reading pages  110-125 from My Side Of The Mountain.       SW demonstrate proper oral and listening skills while reading pages  125-140  from My Side Of The Mountain.       SW demonstrate proper oral and listening skills while reading pages  140-155  from My Side Of The Mountain.       SW demonstrate proper oral and listening skills while reading pages  155-finish  from My Side Of The Mountain. 5.2, 5.4, 5.6, 5.12, 5.13, 5.15, 5.17, 5.23, 5.36

     SW use diameter to figure out the circumference of Sam's tree in MSOTM.
     Take class down to big tree.  Measure circumference.  Go back to classroom and figure out the diameter and radius.
SW identify acute, obtuse and right triangles by using a protractor and various manipulatives.
       Introduce the 3 types of angles.  Give examples.  Have students complete sheet on angles.
      SW create a list of items to "purchase" and then calculate the sales tax of 6%.
      Use ads from newspapers & magazines.  Class will cut out objects & prices & paste them.  They must add
amonunts of items for total cost, & then add in 6% tax.
       SW use proprotions to solve word problems.
proprotion on the board along w/ examples. Tables may pair up & assist one another. 
       (pg. 48 from
MSOTM. (32cupsvof sap=1 cup of syrup.)
       SW multiply fractions when doubling (tripling, etc.) recipies.
       Have actual recipies for students to use in activity.
       (MSOTM pg. 82, making jam)
5.17, 5.10, 5.15, 5.11, 5.29, 5.3, 5.5, 5.6,


       SW identify basic safety procedures for… thunderstorms, insect bites, stings & plants.
       SW recognize importance of wearing safety belt (for trip Saturday, or anytime)
       Pass out & discuss pamplets.
SW demonstrate appropriate listening skills. 

DARE officer
SW demonstrate appropriate skills while watching a video on hiking safety.
      Go over procedure to follow when hiking & things to look out for.  Pass out study sheet that cover info presented Monday & today.
Specialist Specialist 5.6, 5.1, 5.3, 5.5,  5.6, 6.20, 5.29, 6.6


       SW disect a bean.  SW identify & label the parts of a bean on a diagram.
       Pass out diagrams.  Disect beans.  Show video on plants if there is extra time.
       SW complete the study guide by drawing from prior knowledge.
       Review for quiz tomorrow.  Allow students to work independently on study guide & go over anwers the last 10 minutes of class.
       SW identify the brain organ and the system it belongs to,  SW collect dandeolion specimens.                   
      "What will happen to the plant now that we've picked off the leaves?"
Discuss leaf function/photosynthesis here.
       SW demonstrate appropriate listening skills while watching a video on pond life. 
       SW prepare a slide of pond water and focus it using a microscope.
       SW ananlyze predictions made about # of eggs that will hatch & beans that will germinate.
SW demonstrate appropriate listening skills while watching video "living cycles". Let's see how close we were to predictions. 
5.21, 5.22, 5.23, 5.33, 5.34, 5.59

SW identify onomatopoeia in MSOTM.  SW use onomonpia while writing a paragraph.
       Collect paragraphs at end of class.
TTT time here.  No Language.
       SW identify homophones & homographs from MSOTM.
       SW complete worksheet on homophones and homographs
       Ex., kneading &
needig… game (play) & game (prey)
       SW prepare a dandeolion salad just as in MSOTM.
       Have the students bring leaves out of pan from rinsing (prepared by last class).  Pass out bowls, dressing, plastic forks, etc.  Enjoy!
       SW write a friendly letter to the author, Jean Craighead George.
       Teacher will proofread letter tonight so that they are ready to be edited and mailed tomorrow.
       SW identify haiku.  SW create a haiku.
       Go over rules for haiku (number of words & syllables.)   Give examples of haikus.  Have class write their own haikus.
5.62, 5.45, 5.42, 5.44, 5.65, 5.108, 5.106, 5.94, 5.99
Michelle:  Good plans!  I'm looking forward to the salad activity in Language Thursday.
CJP 4/21